1. The Power of Rust

1.1. Hello, Rust

1.1.1. Immutable by default

Declare variables using: let x = 10;

To enable mutability, use: var mut x = 10;

1.1.2. Uninitialized variables are forbidden

Functions in Rust look like this:

fn main() {
    println!("Hello, world!");
fn main() {
    let a = 1;
    let b = 2;
    println!("{} + {} = {}", a, b, a+b);

println! is a macro, what that means is that the compiler does some predetermination ahead of time for the types that are passed to it each time.

1.1.3. Rust has a strong, static type system.

Strongly typed means that types are not automatically cast from one to another.

Static means that the types are known at compile time.